Even when you leave this tool behind, it will continue to look out for your best interests, recording everything flawlessly EVERY time!

Now available to the general public, but now at the lowest price ever!
  • Secretly record video & audio in full HD quality
  • Works in any lighting environment (dark of night or full daylight)
  • Protect yourself from deceitful people
  • So simple to operate, just press a button

It’s all true...

This technology was once only in the hands of the 3 letter Agencies (FBI, CIA, DHS, DOD).
Super small and stealthy surveillance gear used to only be accessible to high level govt agents & secret spies.

Now the general public can possess this cutting edge tech through this special offer. American citizens just like you can now use tactical gear to make sure dishonest people cannot go back on their word, or to catch criminals in the act!

However, with all the turmoil in our govt these days, this loop hole regulation could get closed any day now!

Secretly record in full 1080p HD (video/audio) anytime and get hard proof on the bad guys!

  • Surveillance gear is hidden inside a working pen
  • People can even use this pen & not even suspect it’s recording
  • Flawlessly record in any condition
  • Activates with the press of a button

Once you get this tech in your hands, you will want to record all your interactions with everybody. You’ll be able to ensure that you nobody can ever lie about what they’ve done!


This tech not only appears to be an ordinary pen; it really IS a functional PEN!

People would get suspicious if you were carrying around a pen that you never use. However, once they see you actually writing with it, they will never give it a second glance ever again. They could even borrow your pen, take some notes with it & they would never suspect they were being recorded the entire time!

The key is our obsession with quality. Once you’ve witnessed the smooth & flawless writing that this pen provides, you may just want to use it all the time, even when you don’t need to covertly record!

And while supplies last, we’re offering you the opportunity to try one…


  • Lower the stealth cover to expose lens.
  • Point the camera in the right direction.
  • Click the button on the top of the pen to start recording.

That’s it. You are now recording in FULL 1080p HD! Nobody will know that they’re on camera!!

Simply leave your pen right out in the open, or on a desk or shelf. Don’t be shy on where you place it.

There’s no need to hide your UltraSpy Pen. The more visible location, the less likely anyone will be alerted that they’re on film.

Hit the record button and leave the area.

  • Stealth Technology
  • Record both video & audio in full 1080p HD
  • Writes like any other high quality pen
  • Protect yourself from shifty workers that will quote one price, but then raise the price later
  • Ensure that anyone in your house are behaving as expected
  • Make sure that the raise your boss promised you behind closed doors is actually given to you later on when they claim they never promised you one
  • Stop taking notes in class, and simply record the whole lecture & watch at your leisure later
  • Find out exactly what that house sitter did all night while you were out to dinner
  • Find out if your coworkers are conspiring against you when you’re not in the office
  • Protect yourself from overzealous LEOs (Law Enforcement Officers)
  • Expose liars who would spread lies about you & your loved ones when you show everyone what really happened IN FULL HD RESOLUTION!